BodyPower Expo 2016 -My first fitness roadtrip!

So now that I’m firmly back in reality, let’s talk about my weekend adventure to Birmingham and the BodyPower Expo!

So what is BodyPower?
Lifted straight off their website (
“Started in 2009, BodyPower UK has grown into the most celebrated and comprehensive fitness event in the UK, attracting, inspiring and motivating 90,000 plus health and fitness enthusiasts over three days.”

In my words it’s a weightlifters heaven – A few of my favourite things are weights, clothes and food and this place had all 3 in abundance. With events, fitness challenges, bodybuilding competitions, clothing/food/equipment stalls and lots (and lots) of free samples, you eat, shop and show off your skills all in one very big place. And if that’s nt enough, you’ve got seminars, demonstrations, workshops and a gym to g along to should you wish!

So here are my Bodypower Highlights
Sampling and Free Stuff!
Yep virtually every stand had a protein bar, shake, pre/intra/post workout drink and glorious nut butter to sample! A personal favourite was Dr Zaks; where I attempted to overdose on nut butter and protein bread/bagels (& came home with a truly wonderful Apple and Cinnamon Peanut butter). Another was “Oh Yeah!” protein bars, I resisted buying any at the event although they were sooo good I’ll definitely be putting an order in sometime soon! Also most of the big nutrition names (Optimum, Maxi, CNP, had bags of freebies to giveaway if you were willing to wait in the Disneyworld style queues and sign up to a mailing list. I got around most so I now have a collection of free t-shirts, lots of whey and a MyProtein shaker (win!)

(my day 1 freebie haul alongside some of my purchases)

Shopping! This was my whole purpose in being at Bodypower, I wanted to shop and shop I did. Discovered LOADS of new brands and got some new kit from my go-to brands (Greens Powder from Bulkpowders was a very pleasant surprise).

The real winner for me in terms of content was the irlPower zone. This was an area set up just to present and educate the women in the industry. My absolute number one top highlight was Erin Sterns talk (she is my hero) on motivating, training and eating. I left feeling truly inspired and ready to really lay out my goals and start making my place in the fitness world.

Seeing actual bodybuilding Competitions in Person
While there I stopped by the arena to watch one of the competitions. Since I started lifting  have been intrigued by the “Bikini” class bodybuilders. Curious to see just how defined a competition state athlete was, I watched the Junior Bikini USN Classic. To my surprise it was a fantastic event to watch (putting aside my sparkly bikini envy – swarovski superfan here); it made me change my view on these type of competitions. I was always suspicious of an event based purely on women strutting around in bikinis and being judged. However, on seeing how much the competitors enjoy it, and the enthusiasm of the (male and female) audience; made me realise that isn’t a bikini parade, it’s a celebration of really hard work, building a body like that is not easy, nor is choosing to face up to the stereotypical idea of female beauty. These women are showing us that pride and perseverance are assets worth showing off!
(sorry for the fuzzy photo, I’ll be better prepared next time!)

So yes BodyPower was AMAZING and I am already excited for next year. I am now fully recovered from my nut butter hangover and feeling really inspired to carry on lifting!
And for your own amusement, here is me pulling a really stupid face for a photo!

Feel free to sign up for the Maxi Nutrition Challenge if you’re feeling inspired (the website is a the bottom of the photo there)!


Ivy Park is here!

Yup, it was 7am on April 14th and i was on topshop online. I’m still not sure how this happened as I seldom go in for celebrity clothing lines, but Ivy Park just really appealed to me. The whole collection has a nice understated and minimal aesthetic without being boring or mundane. A flash of turquoise, blue and purple throughout adds a nice bit of pop to the monochrome collection.

For me there was a hella lot there i wanted but alas, Beyoncé’s bank account I have not, so I opted to go for the one pricier piece that I really really wanted. The reflective crop top.

And behold it arrived today and the excitement is running mighty high for a rest day!


First thoughts are this is just as awesome as I imagined, trust me the photo doesn’t quite show the magical reflective design (quite literally) shine! it feels nice and looks well-made, there’s a powermesh lining so we’re probably not looking at the same performance materials here that you’d get with actual sports brands but it most certainly will do the job for lifting (not sure how it would hold up to HIIT or cardio though, im thinking sweat-fest if im honest).

The only down-fall for me here is the fit. Though I reckon this is entirely my fault as I’m still adapting to how my body is changing on this transformation/shredding plan im on. I’ve always been a medium and so I ordered a medium however, after some self-debate I’ve accepted that it is just too big for me, and that I am potentially now a small in clothing. Parts feel like they fit but it’s loose around the bottom and underarms which creates a bagginess that ruins the sleek design of it (and this is with a padded sports bra underneath so it’s probably even looser without). Aside from this though I really love it, it just looks really sleak and quite architectural; so for me the small is now on order and I shall keep my fingers crossed for a perfect fit!