New Recipe Section!! Breads and Bakes!

I have recently gotten quite into my Bread making, it gets you a loaf of fancy artisan Bread for pretty much the price of a standard supermarket loaf (I’ll have to do the math to confirm but it’s definitely very affordable)! Also kneading dough is very stress relieving for me and it smells magical.

So today I made my very own Bread recipe, Buckwheat Bread and since it turned out nice (yay!) I’ve made a new section in my free recipes for breads and Bakes! 

Click the lovely lovely photo of my beautiful Buckwheat Bread to go check it out! ๐Ÿ˜œ


New (Free) Recipe: Curried No-Mayo Egg Mayo!

I wanted egg mayonnaise on toast today as a snack but I had no mayonnaise (nooooo). So I boldly experimented and created this little beauty using Yogurt instead! Click the photo to go to the recipe and try it out (its yum)!