Welcome to my blog and website! Here you can follow my eating, training and my journey as I aim to make myself the career of my dreams! 

So what to expect at Gains, Trains and Appetites?

  • There’s a recipe section where you can find a whole load of free recipes, it’s a growing collection so make sure you keep coming back to see what’s new.
  • There’s an E-Shop, it’s a magical place filled with awesome tees and tanks and some extra special recipes!
  • There’s my Weekly Training plan. At the moment you can follow my training but over time I’ll add to this to include some useful tips, workouts and the like!
  • Coming Soon: my meal plan section, you can follow my meal plan and again in time I’ll create some others to help you with your own goals!

A little about me:

I have a Professional diploma in nutrition, so I can lecture you on the basics of eating right ;p 

I am a level 1 qualified Olympic Weightlifting Coach

I cater to a range of lifestyles. No matter what your goals or budgets are, I’ve got something for everyone here. In the last year I myself have gone from rather well paid banking job to losing said job and now surviving on a very tight budget (serious Lidl is the place to get your get sooo much food for so little cost!)

I want to rubbish the myths of lifting and show you that fitness is for real people. Lifting won’t make you manly or bulky, eating fat won’t make you fat, eating loads of protein when you don’t need to also won’t make you skinny and no, most women do not look the way they do in all these gym video you see on social media. Trust me there is NOTHING sexual about the look on my face when I’m hauling a 100kg squat or deadlift. In fact I probably look like I’m about to explode…

Me on Fitness…
I’cropped-img_4564.pngm an Aerialist, Olympic and Power lifter and I also do a bit of Yoga.

You what?! Yep Aerial, it’s a circus art. I’ve been and aerialist since 2009 and my specialty is aerial rope (or corde lisse if you like the fancy name).  I train and teach Rope. I’ve trained in some of the top circus companies all over the UK (London, Brighton, Cardiff, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Glasgow) and I currently teach the odd class in Edinburgh.

Me on Fashion…

IMG_4713I am a former Lingerie Designer. Yep from 2009-2013 I designed, made and sold lovely lovely lingerie under the (Burlesque inspired) label ‘Lilly Wigger’ and ‘Vaslav & Lilly’. So I know a little bit about functional clothing and what makes a good quality piece of fashion! (And no that’s not me in the photo!)

And Some Extras…

I have a food obbsession. I LOVE food.
I am a recovering Snack Addict, I say this with seriousness, I’ve never been overweight but I am continually fighting a serious snacking problem…
I studied architecture at university
I am OBSESSED with the Moomins…



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