3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Waffles

Only 3 Base ingredients to make these beauties (though you will need a waffle maker, but if not try making them into pancakes). They ended up with a slightly gooey pancake consistency inside but it was so magical I decided to keep em that way!

The good thing here is these can be adapted to be gluten free (as I made mine), vegan (I think mine were) or just good plain old dairy and gluten waffles! I’ve not marked them as low FODMAP due to the sweet potato but depending on your tolerance, you could reduce the sweet potato/increase the flour or try adding a peeled, cooked and mashed purple sweet potato instead of the orange sweet potato to make it super low FODMAP!

What you’ll need:

The equipment: a waffle maker (greased with oil or butter preferably)

  • 1 scoop or 1/4 cup (about 40g) Sweet Potato Powder (I got mine from Go Nutrition)
  • 25g of plain flour (I used gluten free, you don’t have to if you can handle gluten)
  • 120ml milk of your choosing (I used oat milk)

If you wanna be a rebel and break the 3 ingredient rule:

  • Seasonings of your choice (sprinkle of pepper and paprika is pretty good

What to do:

  • Add the flour, sweet potato and milk (plus any seasonings if your adding any) to a bowl and mix
  • Set the mixture aside for 1-2 minutes and get your waffle making device at the ready (if your waffle maker needs time to heat up this times very well)
  • Add the mixture to the waffle maker and cook for approximately 4 minutes (I based this on the instructions for making a generic waffle in my waffle maker which was 3 minutes, you may wish to adjust cooking time if your waffle maker suggests more/less than this)
  • Remove the waffle, add your desired accompaniments (I recommend cheese and/or scrambled eggs) and enjoy the gooey waffley goodness!