New Recipe Section!! Breads and Bakes!

I have recently gotten quite into my Bread making, it gets you a loaf of fancy artisan Bread for pretty much the price of a standard supermarket loaf (I’ll have to do the math to confirm but it’s definitely very affordable)! Also kneading dough is very stress relieving for me and it smells magical.

So today I made my very own Bread recipe, Buckwheat Bread and since it turned out nice (yay!) I’ve made a new section in my free recipes for breads and Bakes! 

Click the lovely lovely photo of my beautiful Buckwheat Bread to go check it out! ๐Ÿ˜œ


Adding my doodling hobby into my training!

As well as lifting (& well I really should include eating), I’m a creative wee soul. Art was easily my first love and passion in life, I’ve always loved designing and creating new things and it’s been a lifelong dream to have it feature in my career.

In recent times my painting, sketching has gone more to graphics and doodling and with my desire to take Gains, Trains & Appetites further; there was no tine like the present to have a go at designing some merch! 

So now I have the First sample of the new tank design (hopefully one of many in future), I need the grey font much darker but otherwise I love it! ๐Ÿ˜ I’ll be adding it to my webstore soon though! 

Here’s a couple of photos (I’ve just finished an Olympic Lifting session so next time the photos will be more enthusiastic)!

New (Free) Recipe: Curried No-Mayo Egg Mayo!

I wanted egg mayonnaise on toast today as a snack but I had no mayonnaise (nooooo). So I boldly experimented and created this little beauty using Yogurt instead! Click the photo to go to the recipe and try it out (its yum)! 

The Covetted Banana Peanut Protein Bar Recipe is now in the Store!ย 

Yep these guys are fan favourites on the GT&A instagram and I have finally written up the recipe to add to my Etsy Store! The recipe and the chocolate version can can be yours for a super ยฃ1.20! Click on the photo to get yourself a copy and enjoy the wonder that is homemade protein bars!

What’s New – 3 New Recipes and the Gains, Trains & Appetites Etsy Shop!

Hello hello! 

I’ve got Couple of new things for you to get your teeth into! (You can click the pics to go direct to the relevant pages!)

First up 2 new Free Recipes!

1. The All Round Go-To Tomato & Veggie Sauce – The perfect (& easy) base for any dinner in need of a sauce!

The All Round Go-To Tomato & Veggie Sauce

2. The Super Lazy Mackerel Salad Bowl – For when you want good food quick and with the absolute minimum amount of effort!

Super Lazy Mackerel Salad Bowl

The Second Shiny new thing is my BRAND NEW SHINY ETSY WEBSHOP! Yay! 

Yep I done got me a webshop to sell my lovely stuff on! It’s via Etsy as it’s the cleanest (read: affordable and fitting with my current/teeny tiny/very small budget). Over time I plan to add all kinds of lovely recipes, merch and some other top secret ideas I’m working on (oooooh). I’m a very creative little creature so I’m currently designing some tank tops and writing up my awesome protein bar recipes.

In the meantime though, my first recipe is on the store for a super super affordable ยฃ1.20! You get two versions of my Protein Bites recipe (Strawberry Raisin & Blueberry Matcha – both taste seriously awesome). I 110% recommend you go buy it, because they are so magically tasty and you know… you’ll be helping a lovely girl pay her bills, which is always lovely…

Protein Bites Recipe now on my Etsy Store!

New recipes!

A quick update! I’ve been a busy bee and added the following recipes to the recipe pages:

  • Scots Curridge – (chicken curry porridge)
  • Mango Yogurt Delight
  • Sweetcorn and Yellow Pepper Soup 
  • Tomato and Broad Bean Soup 
  • Pork and Pak Choi Cous Cous 
  • Haggis and Barley stuffed Squash 

Check em out on the recipes page and enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚