Wake up Calls & revamps!

Well what a few months it’s been since my last update! 

The Wee updates in short:

  • My competing ambitions have shifted from bodybuilding to powerlifting, got me a 2017 goal to do my first ever powerlifting competition 
  • I got a Level 1 Coaching Certificate in Olympic Weightlifting from British Weightlifting 
  • After the above, I became hooked on Olympic Weightlifting 
  • My boxing coach has gone off the explore the world but left me with an awesome powerlifting coach

And the big updates:

  • I lost my job last month. There’s not much to say except it’s been a horrible knock to my confidence and self esteem. Some days I feel hopeful, but most days I feel like a miserable failure at life.
  • The above caused me to reevaluate my life. I’ve realised that having a job I enjoy is more important than having one with a big pay check. I want to feel like I’m accomplishing something with my working life, basically I just want a job that I want to wake up and do every morning
  • With that in mind I’m dipping my toes back into the self employment pool again, this time though I’m making it about food. 

And while I’m in a positive mood (unemployment = rollercoaster of emotions) I’ll tell you What this means:

  • I’m revamping the site
  • Gone are the fashion and training aspects because to be honest I haven’t really done anything with them
  • The focus is on food! I’m adding a selection of free recipes and meal ideas but also a selection of super inexpensive recipes to buy (I’d like them all to be free but sadly there are bills to pay)
  • I’ve got some other ideas up my imaginary sleeves, so they’re in the research phase and will hopefully come to life in 2017!

So there is hope but there’s still a bit of self pity for me this Christmas, cross your super ripped fingers for me!

Go check out the recipes I’ve added so far and keep checking back to see more!

Happy Holidays everyone!